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Welcome to our page!

We are the Luncşoara Bihorului Association, a dream born from the heart, for hearts. We are 4 members, plus numerous volunteers, who have set themselves, since its establishment, in 2009, to bring smiles on the faces of the people of Luncsoara, through the projects we carry out, in order to improve the quality of life and support education in our commune.

Thus, we concluded numerous cooperation partnerships with European associations, especially from the Netherlands and Germany, through which we attracted funds and donations that we redirected to the community, taking into account the most sensitive categories: the elderly and children. We provided material support to the first.

For the latter, the children, we are proud to have an ongoing project sponsored by Uefa Sports for Children, which will result in the development of a sports field, equipped with artificial turf, night lamp and locker rooms, intended for the leisure of young people and children.

As strategic objectives for the future, we set ourselves:

- to access as many funds as possible through the European programs and projects developed in the 2021-2026 session;

- to conclude partnership agreements with European associations, so as to maximize the attraction of donations and sponsorships for the community;

- to promote our locality at international level, in order to attract investors and new jobs;

- to exchange experiences with students from other intra-community countries, so as to offer our children the perspective of new cultural and social horizons.

By God's will, we hope to be able to fulfill these beautiful ideals! Thanks to our partners for their support and God help everyone!


Project for the construction of a field with synthetic turf

Synthetic ground


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